As I write this post, so much has changed in my life in the year I’ve been not blogging but paying my WordPress subscription in hopes I’d get back to the practice.

I celebrated five years of sobriety in August. Woo-hoo! With all the changes, my sobriety has thankfully been a constant and the single most important ingredient in my life satisfaction.

I left my job as CEO of a small non-profit at the end of June… shortly after finding out I am expecting twins in mid-November 2016. I’ve been home with my kids (3 & 5) these past months for the first time and not working. I’m looking for jobs, somewhat halfheartedly, as I am gigantic and doubt any interviewer would seriously consider hiring me given my size and shortness of breath! The whole job thing is a long story and hopefully I’ll keep writing and explain it in further detail in a subsequent blog.

I’m still a frustrated mystic…. searching for meaning and connection and authenticity despite constantly getting in my own way in my pursuit of these things.

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