rain, rain and more rain

I expected sunny weather in Florida. That expectation has led to a bit of disappointment that it has been raining for two days. The weatherchannel.com warns of coastal flooding and high surf. Acceptance is the answer. Time to accept the weather and make the best of our trip. We drove a golf cart encased in clear plastic around the course today for fun. I am going to exercise (gasp) in the clubhouse and I am writing this blog and I will have lots of time to catch up on my book, Women, Food and God. I lived in Vancouver for a couple of years – a little rain is nothing new.

Date night was wonderful and fun. It helped me remember why I married the guy sitting across from me at dinner. He is more than just a co-parent or a roommate or a financial security blanket. He is smart and kind and funny and very sexy. At first it was difficult to ignore the voices in my head harping on the past and warning of the future, but they quieted down and gave up as I stay focused on being present.

We decided to have all appetizers. We had oysters and clams and Grouper bites and mushrooms stuffed with crab and stone crab legs and warm bread and butter. I had two bottles of sparkling Pellegrino and two cups of delicious coffee. We finished the night by splitting a piece of Belgium chocolate cake. We talked about our lives and made funny observations of things we witnessed in the night. Jim talked a lot about his experience being a father. He never does that… or perhaps I’m usually talking so much that I don’t do much listening!! I was sober and present and it was the best date night we have had in a really, really, really long time.

What I crave or desire in the moment is often what brings eventual suffering. It is becoming clearer to me that cravings or strong urges for things are, for me, an indication that I want to be elsewhere. They are a signal that I am about to jump ship on the present moment. I need to pay attention to this.

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