how long can postpartum women wear maternity pants?

I have a couple of pregnant friends who waited until it was absolutely necessary to wear maternity pants. They wore their own pants and then used special bands and then wore roomy skirts or dresses and only succumbed to maternity clothing when all other options were exhausted.

Not me.

I think I went to Target and bought two pairs of maternity pants a few days after I found out I was pregnant at 4 WEEKS!!

In maternity pants I found the equivalent of my clothing soul mate. My stylish black work pants, bootleg jeans and awesome fitting corduroys have a secret – where zippers, buttons and muffin top should exist there is only a smooth layer of elastic fabric. To you it looks like I have on normal person pants but I know I am basically wearing sweatpants in disguise. I have pulled one over on the fashionistas. Okay – I’m probably not fooling anyone, but please allow me to live in disillusionment a bit longer.

What is the maximum time after birth that I can go on wearing my special Mommy pants? She’s already almost seven months and I feel like I might be pushing it. My regular jeans fit again, but once you go stretchy waist how do you go back?

3 thoughts on “how long can postpartum women wear maternity pants?

  1. I know what you mean…. my son is 16 months old and just recently I had to stop wearing my maternity yoga pants. (They kept falling off me) Maternity pants are just too darn comfortable and I mean our bodies change after babies so it is hard to get back into the structured clothing again.

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